CLicks on the World 03 : 11 Ottobre 2107

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Buona letttura

1.   Diminishing Power of the Kremlin

  1. Asset Price Bubbles and Systemic Risk

3.   Nuclear Disarmament and the Protection of Cultural Heritage


4.   Catalonia and the Spanish banking system


5.   Natural Partners


6.    Five reasons why “downtown universities” matter for economic growth


7.   Germany The federal election of September 24, 2017


8.   “Accepting Immigrants is the Ultimate Key to Reviving Japan” (No.248)


9.   The Afghan people: Observing nearly 40 years of violent conflict


10.              China’s submarine force: an overview




12. France’s Nuclear Arsenal: What Sort of Renewal?


13. The death penalty: what’s changed since 1977?


14. Stocktaking after Theresa May’s Brexit speech in Florence: Key point – the transition, key omission – the future relationship



15.              Security and economics in the Arctic

16. Setting Conflict in Stone: Dangerous Trends in Russian-U.S. Relations

17.              Study assesses Brazil’s refugee intake and impact of Venezuelan influx


18. Mehr Entwicklung – mehr Migration?


19. The Iran Deal is Working. Here’s How we Know.