CLicks on the World 01

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Oggi inizia una nuova rubrica, (Ideamover), in cui trovate una selezione di link che Vi portano a leggere il meglio in giro per il mondo selezionato da 12.000 fonti qualificate tutti-partisan.

Gli articoli sono facilmente traducibili attivando il traduttore internet di cui ogni pagina dispone.

Buona letttura

OPEC Pushes Russia To Continue Helping On Oil Prices & the U.S. NOW EXPORTING AS MUCH OIL AS SOME GULF COUNTRIES


Trump dossier’ on Russia links now part of special counsel’s probe: sources

·         The White House will repeal the Clean Power Plan,

·         Some top Republicans said they saw no purpose for the “bump stock” device


·         This Billionaire Had an Oscar Dream, but China Spoiled His Hollywood Ending

Google’s new augmented reality stickers and apps

Time to Upgrade to Cognitive Search?

A hot market for North Korean art

Zika vaccine shows promise in early human trial
The New Fast Food Nations


It might not yet rival China’s influence, and it isn’t giving North Korea a free pass..

Gun injuries cost U.S. $46 billion a year in lost work and medical care
The Rebel Puppeteers of Sudan

UK-based banks could be forced to rethink how they fund overseas operations,.


Tokyo Electric Power got the greenlight to restart two reactors at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant, the world’s largest


The way the stock market reacts to Friday’s jobs report may say more about the stock market


Republicans Open to Banning ‘Bump Stocks’ Used in Massacre

The private credit market is predicted to


U.S. pressing India to avoid capping medical device prices, allow withdrawals

Microsoft has solidly jumped into virtual reality


In Jakarta a chruch and a mosque foster freindship

Aid groups in Bangladesh say they need $434 million over the next six months to help more than 800,000 Rohingya refugees

 Iran barred Dorsa Derakhshani from playing chess for her homeland after she refused to wear a hijab